Water Damage Baton Rouge LA

Water Damage Baton Rouge LA 225-454-8105Water damage in the home can be much more dangerous than many homeowners even understand. In addition to the furniture and carpeting becoming damaged, the water that remains in upholstery, walls, and carpeting, can quickly breed dangerous mold and bacteria. Our water restoration experts at Baton Rouge Steamers have the equipment and expertise to quickly diagnose and clean your home efficiently.

When water enters the home, it is imperative that it is removed in a timely manner. Once water gets behind the walls of your home it will be near impossible for you to access. That water will lead to bacteria and black mold which are extremely dangerous for family members with respiratory issues. At Baton Rouge Steamers, we understand the dangers that come with water damage and we quickly arrive at your home to begin the restoration process.

The first thing our cleaning experts at Baton Rouge Steamers will do is remove all the excess water in the home. Our industrial grade vacuums will work tirelessly to get as much water from the flooring as possible. We will then use our commercial grade driers to begin removing water trapped in the wall, floors, and other areas of the home. The driers will work efficiently to get all the water trapped in hard to reach areas and decrease any chance of mold growing.

Once all the water has been removed and the area is dry, our cleaning professionals will then begin the cleaning process. Our organic cleaning solutions will remove all the debris and contaminants so you can have your home back as soon as possible.