Upholstery Cleaning Baton Rouge LA

Upholstery Cleaning Baton Rouge LA 225-454-8105One of the more overlooked areas of the home to clean is the upholstery. The reason it is neglected so often is because of the challenge involved in trying to clean those pieces of furniture. Using your vacuum to clean your upholstery might catch some of the surface debris, but it will never be able to penetrate the upholstery material and remove debris, odors, and allergens trapped inside. Our cleaning professionals at Baton Rouge Steamers can help to remove all those contaminants and restore your furniture to the condition it was when you first purchased it.

The first thing that our team will do is prepare your upholstery with organic cleaning solutions that are designed to release and remove the debris without harming the furniture or discoloring any of the materials. The cleaning solution will loosen all the odors and contaminants that are trapped deep in the padding. Then our experts will use our high powered vacuums to access all those contaminants as well as the cleaning solution. At Baton Rouge Steamers we pride ourselves on getting the job done that meets and exceeds your expectations.

Once the upholstery has been scrubbed cleaned, it will look and smell like new again. Then our team will add a protector to your furniture that will help you to keep any future debris or allergens from easily penetrating the surface of the furniture. This will ensure that your furniture looks and smells cleaner for a much longer period of time, and will require less maintenance on your end.