Truck Mount Baton Rouge LA

Truck Mount Baton Rouge LA 225-454-8105While there may be a wide variety of do it your self kits available that are designed to clean your carpets. Most carpet cleaners only scratch the surface of the problem by making the carpet appear to be clean by saturating it with wonderful scents that fade very quickly. In the end, as the smell fades away, you’ll realize that most at home cleaning kits are like masking agents, they do not go deep enough to thoroughly eliminate the dirt and grime deep within the roots of your carpet.

At Baton Rouge Steamers, we utilize state of the art equipment to provide a variety of in-home or business related carpet cleaning services for those that want the best results possible, when it comes to breathing new life into their carpets. We don’t just simply send out a contractor that uses a fancy Kirby vacuum cleaner to deliver a mediocre job. We have heavily invested in a wide variety of truck mounted carpet cleaners, in order to give our customers the best outcome achievable.

A truck mounted carpet cleaner has some distinctive advantages over vacuum cleaners and in-home carpet scent/cleaning kits. The equipment itself utilizes the heat from within the vehicle to pump heated water and chemicals unto the carpet to destroy the bacteria at the roots of the carpet. Once the equipment has done that, it utilizes up to 60 horse power to lift the heated liquids from the roots of the carpet, leaving it thoroughly sanitized.

While the allure of settling for an at home kit may seem enticing at first, if u want your carpets thoroughly sanitized, consider a deep cleaning solution from Baton Rouge Steamers for the maximum results achievable.