Deep Carpet Cleaning Baton Rouge LA

Carpet Cleaning Baton Rouge LA 225-454-8105One of the hardest areas of the house to keep clean is your carpeting. The carpet can contain allergens and contaminants that are too difficult for a regular vacuum cleaner to reach and remove. At Baton Rouge Steamers, out team of expert cleaners can help to deep clean your carpeting so the rooms look beautiful and smell just as fresh.

The reason that your carpeting gets so dirty quickly is because all those contaminants travel into the home by the way of the bottom of shoes. Once the shoes come in contact with the carpeting the debris falls off and gets trapped deep down in the carpet fibers. The longer the debris stays trapped the more dirty the carpeting looks. As more foot traffic walks over those areas, the pieces of debris act like small pieces of sandpaper, slowly wearing away at the integrity of those carpet fibers.

Our team of professionals at Baton Rouge Steamers will first scrub the carpeting with our organic cleaning solutions. Once all the carpet has been scrubbed, our team will bring in the industrial vacuums to remove all that debris and cleaning solution. This will ensure your carpeting is clean as soon as we are done removing the equipment.

We will then apply a protectant to the carpeting to ensure that you can easily remove any further debris quickly before it settles into the carpeting. Spills will be much easier to clean up once we have applied the protectant to all the carpet. Your flooring will once again look fresh and clean when we are done.