01 Dec 2014

Tile Cleaning In Baton Rouge

Find Out Why It’s Important To Have Your Tile And Grout Cleaned By A Pro Expert
For those people that have their own home, they will know the feeling so well that when they walk into the bathroom and see black appearing around the tiles, that it is going to be a tough job. No matter what people do to try and avoid it from happening, at some point it usually comes back again. Even anti-mold grout that is supposed to keep it at bay eventually gives up. The main problem though is that no matter what precautions are put in place, in such a moist environment, it is difficult to keep mold at bay.

Once it does appear, the question is then how to get rid of it. Sometimes it may just rub off when using a cloth, other times a toothbrush may remove it. The problem with the latter is that the grout is actually being damaged, and all that is happening is that the surface is being made rough, which is a great environment for new mold to grow. Eventually what grout remains will crack or fall out, and then this can lead to problems with the tiles themselves.

The only way to avoid this scenario is to hire a pro who is an expert in cleaning tiles and grout. These experts know exactly how to tackle the problem of mold that has made its home on the grout, and they clean it up without causing damage. So in future, if the mold cannot be removed with either bleach or a damp cloth, then call in an expert. Do not go using abrasive materials as at some point the grout will reach a point when it fails completely, and it is an expensive job to have it redone.

20 Aug 2014

Four Positive Benefits of Professional Tile Cleaning

Tile floors can be extremely challenging to clean. When the flooring is first installed, the grout is fresh and new, and most likely has a coating of sealer over the top. Over time, however, the sealer can start to wear away, exposing the porous grout underneath. The rough surface of the grout traps dirt, leading to stains and discoloration. Even worse, it also traps moisture, which can cause problems with mold and mildew.

Consumer-grade tile cleaning products can get rid of some of the dirt. However, in many cases they aren’t strong enough to power through the toughest tile and grout stains. This is where professional cleaning services can help. Here are four benefits of professional tile cleaning:

Professional Grade Equipment
Professional tile cleaning companies typically have top-of-the-line cleaning equipment that can blast away dirt and stains. This may include special chemicals, buffing tools, steam cleaners or other high-end equipment. There is no comparison between the level of clean you can achieve with this type of equipment versus a toothbrush and some spray-on tile cleaner.

More Experience

Tile cleaning companies spend countless hours cleaning tile each year. This ongoing experience helps them hone their skills, allowing them to become experts in their field.

Reduced Risk of Mold and Mildew

When you clean your tiles yourself, you may leave behind trace amounts of mold and mildew. Even a small amount of mold can quickly grow into a major problem. Professional tile cleaning, on the other hand, removes all traces of mold and mildew, leaving your tile and grout completely clean.

Helps Tile Last Longer

Cleaning away dirt, grime, mold and mildew can help extend the life of your tile and grout. The cost of cleaning can easily pay for itself by reducing repair costs over time.

If you have tile floors or walls in your home, you should consider hiring a professional company to clean them. Their advanced tools and extensive experience can leave your tiles looking like new.