15 Nov 2014

What Kind Of Bacteria Live In Your Carpets? Carpet Cleaning Gonzales LA

If you have not been cleaning your carpets on a regular basis, there is the possibility that you may have a significant amount of bacteria in your carpet. Over time, as you bring in more dirt, and possibly feces if you have dogs, bacteria can grow very easily. Even if you vacuum, it will not get all of this out because it can lodge itself deep within the carpet fibers. That’s why you need to have a professional come out your home on a regular basis to do a deep cleaning, or rent one to do it yourself. Here are the most common types of bacteria that can appear in carpets.

Different Types Of Carbon Bacteria

Believe it or not, nearly a quarter million organisms can actually live in a single square inch of your carpet. This is a large number, several thousand times more than you will actually be able to find that are on your toilet seat. Most people will not believe this until the tests are actually done. To get rid of this, you need to do a deep cleaning or chemical cleaning every couple months to keep the carpet absolutely bacteria free. The most common types are E. coli, staph bacteria and even salmonella. Although these are typically associated with food that you eat, these are the most common types in your carpet today.

Keeping Your Carpet Clean

In order to keep your carpet cleaning, you need to either purchase a regular steam cleaner from the store and use it every couple months. You can also hire somebody that has the latest technology in regard to chemicals used to treat carpets to get bacteria out, and professional steam cleaning equipment that can go deep into the fibers to remove virtually everything. As long as you do this on a regular basis, you should be able to keep your carpets of bacteria free.

03 Jun 2014

Carpet Cleaning Livingston LA

What To Consider While Choosing Carpet Cleaning Companies for Your Home I entered the market of carpet cleaning since then I hired a cleaner to do my carpeting, he didn’t do an excellent task at all. Recalling there are a few indicators I should have picked up on. It would have saved me a lot of money! Right here are some things to watch out for:DogAndCat-300x229

1) Internet site: A wonderful looking website is one thing but do not be tricked. Examine to see if recommendations are from independent sources, do not believe everything you check out written by the author, search around for 3rd party score sites and check to see if there are no patterns of the very same ratings by the very same individuals.

2) Look: Exactly what sort of vehicle did they arrive in, is it a decent commercial car suitable for function or simply an automobile. Exists branding. The guy who cleaned my carpeting rocked up in an old filthy banger, exactly how did I expect him to do a great task.

3) Personal Look and manner: Exactly how is the professional dressed, is he wise and dressed in like the employees of the company that you hired dress, does he speak with you in a manner that is respectful.

4) Does he pre-inspect your carpeting, carpet fibers are different and respond different to different approaches of cleaning and chemicals. Ensure the specialist carefully examines your carpeting. He must preferably take a piece from near the radiator pipes and perform tests on it.

5) Pre-vacuum. This is a must, some carpet cleaners do not do this and it will only cause your carpeting to re-soil after a brief time frame.

6) Pre-spray – A cleaner must always have a bottle of pre spray prepared based upon the results of the tests carried out earlier. This must be brushed in using a carpeting stack brush which appears like broom. 7) Devices – Make certain this looks like industrial cleaning equipment and not something that you can get from the store rentals. Even better go take a look inside his truck, you then understand he’s serious about cleaning.

11 May 2014

Carpet Cleaning Benefits In Walker, LA

4 Benefits Of Professional Carpet Cleaning Services in Walker, LA
If anyone has ever tried to clean the carpet before, you know how problematic this type of job can be. If you are not using the right cleaning agents to clean your carpet, or if you have simply never done this before, you might not do the best job possible. Hiring a professional is much more easy and once the job is complete, you will know that it is thoroughly clean. Here are four of the top benefits that you will receive by cleaning your carpet on a regular basis.

Baton Rouge Steamers in Walker LA

Extending The Life Of Your Carpet

To extend the life of your carpet, you should clean it on a regular basis. Particulates at the base can damage the carpet itself, which is why you want to always keep it clean.

Removing Bacteria

Bacteria can build up in your carpet which can lead to health issues for people in your family.

Removing Dirt

Dirt can start to attach permanently to carpet fibers.  Dirt also has germs and this will release into the air and cause poor air quality.

Improving Its Appearance

Using a professional carpet cleaning service is to maintain its appearance. If done every 6-12 months, it will stay clean, looking pristine for you and any guest that comes over. By using a professional carpet cleaning business regularly, you can ensure the longevity, appearance and beauty of your carpet for many years to come.