Carpet Protector Baton Rouge LA

Carpet Protector Baton Rouge LA 225-454-8105Keeping your carpeting clean can be a challenge for many homeowners. Part of the overall problem is that each time your shoes come in contact with the carpeting more debris is released into the fibers. The deeper the contaminants fall into the carpeting the harder they are to remove. The problem becomes more complicated as you continue to walk over those areas. Coming in contact with that debris only causes them to act like small pieces of sandpaper, wearing away the integrity of the carpet fibers each time you walk over them.

At Baton Rouge Steamers we understand how frustrating it can be to keep the carpeting looking fresh and clean. Our professional team will be able to help protect your carpeting with a process we use after the carpet has been thoroughly cleaned. Our team will scrub the carpeting first with our organic cleaning solution. The we will use high powered truck mounted vacuums to remove all the dirt, debris, and allergens trapped deep in the carpet. We will then apply a protector to the carpet to help it retain its beauty longer.

The protector is applied to the carpeting by our Baton Rouge Steamers team, and what it does is put a barrier between your carpet and the dirt. If you were to spill something on the carpet, the protector gives you additional time to get the spill cleaned up before it soaks into the carpet fibers. The same with dirt and debris, it will remain closer to the surface where your vacuum can easily remove it.