Area Rug Cleaning Baton Rouge LA

Rug Cleaning Baton Rouge LA 225-454-8105Gone are the days of beating your rugs outside and choking on the dust and allergens coming off of them! Hosing them off won’t remove many stains and does nothing for removing allergens. Nor do you have to risk damaging your area rugs and/or your washing machine by trying to clean them yourself. Baton Rouge Steamers cleaning services is the one to call for expertly cleaning all of your area rugs.

Baton Rouge Steamers is the extreme expert in stain removal! Food stains, drink stains, dirt and pet stains all expertly removed from your area rugs. That funky smell from spilled milk or that stain from something someone brought in on their shoes will all be gone. No job is too big or too small. We will clean ALL of your area rugs, big and small; leaving them in pristine condition and smelling wonderfully fresh.

Spring cleaning, fall cleaning or anytime in between, Baton Rouge Steamers will do the hardest part of your seasonal cleaning job for you. Having your area rugs expertly cleaned, not only ensures removal of nasty stains, dirt and allergens, but will leave your entire home or business smelling and feeling clean and fresh. Not to mention, the time it will save you to do more pleasant things!

So, why try to do it yourself? Why wait? Call Baton Rouge Steamers cleaning services, now, and get that clean, fresh feeling in your home or business right away. You’ll be so glad you called us!