How To Easily Repair Burnt Carpet

If you have recently had a small accident in your home which involved burning of your carpet, you might want to have it replaced. Not only is it unsightly, it could actually cause additional damage as a result of compromising how the carpet sits on your floor. Most carpet is pulled and fastened to the edges of your room, and when you have a burn, it can loosen things up. Here are a few things that you can do to repair the damage carpet and make sure that your existing carpet remains intact.

Repairing Burnt Carpet

There are a couple things that you can do to repair your carpet if you have recently had a burn, and this usually requires the help of a professional. Whether you are dealing with a gasoline burn, a burn caused by firewood, or just simply forgetting about a cigarette that fell on the floor, you can repair your carpet very easily. The first thing you will need is to find carpet remnants that you may have that are left over from the last time the professional was there. They will be able to patch the area by taking out the damage carpet and putting in something that is brand-new. To measure this, you will place the scrap over the burned area, and using a utility knife, you will be able to cut out a square that will be slightly larger than the burned area. The professional will then cut out the carpet that has been burned, following the size of the new carpet replacement piece, and reinsert the new carpet. The padding may also need to be replaced, so try to find any of that which is left over, and you will have to use some type of adhesive beneath the carpet to hold the padding and the carpet in place. This is the quickest way to replace burnt carpet if it is relatively small, whereas if you have a larger piece of carpet that has burned, it will have to be removed entirely and put back in using a carpet stretcher which only a professional will be able to do.

Using these simple tips, you can quickly replace carpet that has been burned, making everything look normal once again. You could try to do this yourself, but you are always better off contacting the carpet professional to do this for you so that no one will notice the new carpet that has been replaced.